The Best French Toast – Learn All About Making The Best French Toast

This is the pleasant conventional French Toast recipe and it’s so clean to make. This traditional breakfast recipe capabilities sweet egg-soaked Brioche bread sincerely cooked in a pan and served together with your preferred toppings. Brioche is simply the great bread for the softest, tastiest French Toast and after checking out three different styles of bread, we will prove it. You may even read about the breads that we examined and which bread is exceptional to apply for French Toast.


French Toast is a traditional breakfast recipe that functions slices of bread soaked in a sweetened egg combination. Then we cook this candy egg-soaked bread in a pan until it’s perfectly golden brown of each facet. For a really perfect end, top French Toast with powdered sugar, fruit, maple syrup, or butter.

This extraordinary breakfast recipes truly dates lower back centuries ago but the actual origin isn’t knows. Since just about each united states of america has their personal version of this dish, it’s tough to factor out in which it got here from exactly.

The model of French Toast that we’re familiar with in US most possibly originated from the French recipe for “pain perdu,” that actually means “lost bread.” This term comes from a way of reviving stale bread so it could be eaten in place of thrown out. The best way to restore old bread become to soak it in eggs and milk and prepare dinner it. “Pain perdu” became often served as a dessert or snack within the afternoon.

This recipe commenced being referred to as “French Toast” by using the British in the 17th century after coming back from touring France. Eventually, this dish made its manner to US with the British settlers. Through the centuries, this recipe has traveled and worried into what we now understand as a delicious breakfast dish.


There are infinite options that you may use for French Toast and yes, technically any bread could paintings in the recipe. The predominant idea although is to find the bread that tastes the excellent. Even though I’ve used many exceptional breads over time, there are three that stand out to be the top alternatives.

The top three picks of bread to apply for French Toast are Brioche, French Baguette, and Challah. All of those alternatives will yield a fantastic French Toast however we must supply the most stars to Brioche. Trust me, Brioche clearly makes the excellent tasting French Toast.


Brioche is a conventional French pastry that bakers make into man or woman buns or a loaf. For French Toast, use Brioche loaf and slice it into thick slices which might be between 1/2 and 1 inch thick.

This bread is so tender and fluffy, it does the nice activity soaking the sweet egg aggregate. Brioche additionally has a sweet and buttery flavor, which contributes to the general taste of the dish.

When it’s soaked with egg and cooked, the end result is a tender, buttery, and sweet inner and pleasantly crispy at the outdoor.

French Baguette

French Baguette is the second one fine option. It is simply as accurate at soaking up the egg combination and keeping its very own integrity. Although, it does not take in the eggs as effortlessly and as quick as Brioche. So if you want you French Toast to preserve a touch more egg in it, permit each slice of bread soak a few seconds longer.

This bread is gentle at the inside and it has a very first-rate crunchy crust. The texture is likewise a little greater dense and outcomes in a chewier French Toast.

French Baguette is much thinner than Brioche and Challah so it’s going to yield greater slices. It’s fine to cut the baguette into about half of inch thick slices but not thicker. I propose that this bread is reduce on a diagonal.


Challah is any other outstanding alternative for French Toast. The motive for it being handiest third out of the top three is due to the flavor and texture. Challah doesn’t have lots sweetness in it so that you may need to feature extra sugar to the egg mixture or inside the topping. This sort of bread is also denser and a bit drier that the previous two alternatives.

If you don’t like your French Toast to be sweet or in case you are making a savory recipe, Challah could be a very good choice.

Loaf of Challah bread is likewise much thicker and large in length than Brioche and French Baguette so you will become with fewer but larger slices of French Toast. Cut Challah into slices no thicker than half of inch.


Besides choosing the exceptional bread for French Toast, there are some other hints you can do for the pleasant consequences.

For creamiest texture, I opt to use heavy whipping cream in the egg combination. Heavy whipping cream additionally makes the egg combination thicker in place of watery like it’s miles with milk. Since the egg combination is thicker, it’ll take a touch longer to soak into the bread for a better very last texture.

You can also replacement entire milk however I wouldn’t recommend anything plenty thinner than that.

For a lactose unfastened alternative, you can use lactose unfastened whole milk. If you need a dairy unfastened choice, use oat, almond, or soy milk substitutes but observe that the taste will exchange slightly.

To enhance all the flavors and aroma, do add a few pure vanilla extract to the egg combination.

Preheat the pan absolutely earlier than starting to batter the bread. Don’t flip the warmth up better than medium. I would certainly advocate the warmth to be at medium low due to the fact the outside of the bread chefs very speedy and also you want internal to be cooked through as properly.

Don’t stroll away a long way, French Toast most effective takes three-four mins of cooking on each facet. Use a large pan so you can in shape several slices at a time.

French Toast is typically served with powdered sugar, fresh fruit, maple syrup, and/or butter on top. But, there are numerous other topping so one can be scrumptious to try as well.


The Best French Toast – Learn All About Making The Best French Toast

  • Author: T B R I C K
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 1/4 cup Coriander/Cilantro, finely diced
  • 1 cup Guac
  • 1 cup Salsa
  • 1 cup Sour Cream


  1. Note: this egg mixture need to conveniently batter eight slices of Brioche bread which might be a between half and 1 inch thick. It will batter 10-12 slices of French baguette or approximately 6 slices of Challah.
  2. Slice bread and set it apart.
  3. In a deep and extensive bowl, whisk collectively eggs, heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, sugar, and salt. Whisk until clean. Set aside.
  4. Preheat a massive cooking pan oven medium to medium-low heat. Add multiple tablespoons of canola oil and unfold it frivolously.
  5. Dip each slice of bread into the egg combination as well as the rims. Brioche bread is exceptional and quick to take in the egg. (Just batter as many slices as will in shape into the pan. If you need to cook dinner in two or extra batches, batter bread proper before adding it to the pan.)
  6. Place battered slices into the pan and let it prepare dinner for 3-4 minutes on every side, till golden brown. (Repeat with ultimate slices of bread if wanted.)
  7. Serve with your favourite topping.


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